Why Brother Printer Not Working and Responding?

What do when Brother Printer is not Responding?

Restore all settings to their factory defaults by using the factor reset options. Before you carry out a factory reset, disconnect all the interface wires. To choose the first step, press up and down arrows, and then hit ok. To choose to reset, use the up and down arrows keys, and then press okay.

Error with brother printers

1. Microsoft windows mistake launch the control panel.

2. Select the printers, printer and fax, or devices and printers’ icon by clicking once or twice.

3. Choose properties or printers properties from the context menu when you right-click the printers you wish to reset.

4. Select the print test page button in the printer properties window.

Why is my Brother Printer Not Responding?

Printers frequently display the problems message “brother printer not responding.” Like other printers, brothers might stop functioning for a variety of reasons. Poor connectivity, an out-of-date driver, and other technical problems are example of this.

Let’s examine some of the available fixes more closely.

1. Verify your connection first.

2. Alter the default printer.

3. Upgrade the driver for the printer.

4. Use an alternative application.

5. Make sure your printer is idle perform a factory reset.

How to fix Brother Printers Not Working issues?

1. Check the condition of your brother’s device.

Check to see that your brother machine is turned on in step 1. Verify whether any errors are shown on the machine’s led or display in your brother’s machine. Visit the troubleshooting areas to find a fix if an error is shown. If the machine screen is blank or in deep slumber, try pressing any button to see if it awakens.

2. Your brother’s device or pcs’ connectivity should be checked.

1. Try unplugging and plugging in the USB cords from both ends.

2. Reconnect your computer and your brother device after disconnecting them both.

3. We advise that the USB cable you use adhere to the following requirements:

. Twisted pair of cables

. Shielded

. No more than 6 feet (2meter) long

4. Make sure the cable is plugged into the USB port, link jac, ext jack, or any other port other than a USB port.

5. Join with an alternative USB port on the pc.

6. Check out another USB cable that is the same.

3. Look at the printer driver settings.

1. Launch windows 11 and choose the printer folder.

Start> settings> Bluetooth devices> printers and scanners.

(Windows 8 and windows 10)

A. Open the control panel by following the instructions provided.

B. for devices and printers, click hardware and sound.

(OS windows)

Click (start) to access your devices and printers.

(MACOS 13 or later)

A. Pick system setting from the apple menu by clicking.

B. Scroll to the left menu bar, then choose printers & scanners.

(MACOS 12 & earlier)

To access the system professors> printers and scanners menu, click the apple menu.

4. Examine the options for your application.

1. verify that the print window for your candidate has the brothers’ printers drive selected.

2. Test printing from different applications. If you are able to print successfully from another program, you have been using.

5. Restart the pc and your brother device.

1. Turn on both your pc and then your brother’s machine.

2. To point, try. Go to the following stop if you are still unable to print.

6. Printer driver again.

There may be a chance that your printer driver installation is flawed.


Unistall the printer’s drivers, go here.


Unistall the printer’s drivers, go here.

Brother printer is not responding on mac

Select system preferences by clicking the apple menu symbol. Click “printers &faxes” on the screen for system choices. Right- click the option to reseat the printings system in the content menu on the following screen. To confirm, click restart on the pop-up box.

Brother printer is not responding on computer

1. Press the windows logo key and the letter R on your keyboard simultaneously to activate the run command.

2. Type “control” in the pop-up box that appear, then select “ok”.

3. After that, choose a little icon from the drop -down menu to view.

4. Select the tab for printers and devices.

5. Click on your brother printer using the right mouse button from the menu that displays.

6. Click “save as default printers.”

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